…..That was all I heard whilst seated at the ‘Love Garden’ spot in Abuja Campus, University of Port Harcourt at 12noon precisely. It was a chilly afternoon till a squad trooped in interrogating a few persons. Among these few persons were the unlucky ones whom they tried to ‘obtain’(a popular lingo in the school environment for embarrassing an individual with intentions of extracting from individual, valuables or alms whether or not he or she is willing).

This squad was almost out of time; as they quickly decided to step out of the premises. Unfortunately, was an opposing squad emerging, disrupting the movement of the initial squad.

Mormored conversations we were able to pick were about unreturned belongings of the opposing squad, deliberately withheld by the initial squad.

All of a sudden was a gun shot in the Air by the initial squad, trying to raise alarm and frighten off the opposing. It all seemed like a mirage till one member of the opposing squad was shot (no severe injuries observed)

This arose a feud between the squads as the opposing squad chased the initial from the Faculty of Humanities down to the Management Sciences screaming “thief! theif!”arousing pandemonium in school.

Confidential report has that these gang members have been apprehended.

Stay cool!  We will report every tangible info we get here. Once again be vigilant because together, we are ALUTA! !!


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