Since everyone is about the soot thing. We at AlutaWaka have decided to debate on the present threats inhabitants of Port Harcourt might be experiencing.

If you are a Twitter fanatic like myself you’ll observe the hashtag has been on for a while.

– Residents of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, cried out over black particles falling from above few years back which apparently has emerged again and has taken over the air this time.

– The soot is as a result of carbon emission from a company yet to be identified.

– Inhaling this soot can cause illnesses such as Asthma, Pneumonia, Bronchitis and other dangerous respiratory tract infections based on researches.

Well I’ve actually been experiencing same where I reside. Took this to be a usual street light out till it got out of hands.

I think this calls for the Ministry of Health and appropriate agencies to savvy.

Make we no dey where we dey battle recession then respiratory health issues arise. 🙂

Regardless, @TouchPH has some measures for us:


Stay safe till this is resolved.


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