The President is Back!

My President is Back! His Helicopter’s white. I know most persons wanted him dead but sad news’ he’s alright. I never wished he’s dead, we talking of someone’s dad; I know you vibing already forgetting all you’ve just read.

Well, I think I might just have that rap talent in me, or maybe not. What do you think?

Anyways, after rumors of the death of Nigeria’s Grand Commander of the Republic, I guess the footage we’ve all been requesting has finally surfaced.

Watch below:

Buhari walked unsupported from his plane after it landed at an air force base in the northern city of Kaduna. The former military ruler then boarded a waiting helicopter as seen above.

The president’s spokesman Femi Adesina later clarified that Buhari would still not resume his duties at least over the weekend but would normalise his return to power next week.

His return was announced last-minute after he remained out of sight for weeks.

“He has finally returned to the African soil,” said Al Jazeera’s Ama Boateng, adding that even though Nigerians are usually very sympathetic towards sick leave, there were concerns about how the country can run efficiently when the commander-in-chief is absent.

On the other hand, Vice President Osibanjo seem to have gathered more audience these past few weeks as the acting President since Bunari’s leave. Now, the question on everyone’s lips:

should the President resign?

Don’t look at me. I’ve just said a lot. What have you to say?


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