UNIPORT: The 10th of March.

Some time back there was an information across that all fees regarding the University of Port Harcourt should be fully paid on or before 10th of March, 2017. My bad! Today’s the 10th of March.

This could have been true, this maybe true. Hmm . .

Nevertheless, Banks recently have been a pain in the butt, overcrowded and permit me to use the word ‘rampage’. I guess that’s making me savage even. I know there’s a whole lot of students that can relate too.

Last I was in United Bank for Africa at both branches in Choba and Abuja Campuses within the school premises; I could barely breathe. Alternatively, some persons were refreshed with snack and drinks as compensation. How nice of First Bank Nigeria’s 2nd Artillery, Port Harcourt, branch Manager. (As seen in image above)

That’s not the only sad story. I can’t even pay!! ‘Apologies sir! System is on overload’, ‘Man!  We are experiencing network congestion’ (I did try to sugar coat those quotes though, as commonly, these bankers are always rude to students)

I can’t tell if this is from the banks’ end or deliberate Uniport poor conduct as it was rumored that the school management don’t pay programmers well. Amongst a few students who’ve paid successfully; still effects are yet to be observed in students’ online portal.

I wouldn’t think that defaulters would be penalized. Except the management is willing to punish more than half of the college. Perhaps, this due date might be held over.

See you on Monday guys! 😀


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