The Crab!

Do you grab?

No this isn’t a Peppercorn or Bangla sauce neither are we here to deliberate on crustaceans; ‘Crab’ is just a venue, and you need to be there.

Courtesy of the Department of Theatre and Film Studies, University of Port Harcourt; THREE solid movies will rock the stage on three different days to keep you even more thrilled.

This one’s going to be suspense filled. Wait!  I’m yet to see this movie, how would I even know? You might wonder.

Anyways, venue is at The Crab: Delta Park, University of Port Harcourt with an affordable fee of 500NGN (‘Buhari Price’).

See bill below for more info:IMG-20170408-WA0002.jpg

As you find this entertaining, have in mind this is a final year production workshop practical for every first semester in Theatre and Film Studies Department.

Below are some rally images for the production’s publicity:

I will be there!  You too should. “Don’t come and be asking me what happen”  


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