Yes! Alutawaka was live at the S.P.E YEAR 1 ORIENTATION. Should in case you missed out, we are official team media partners for this great Society of Petroleum Engineers, Uniport Student Chapter.  

Below is a teaser from today’s event:

Not only was this an orientation but an Ambassadorial Lecture Program (ALP) welcoming her Year 1 students into the department (Petroleum and Gas Engineering), grooming them on how to be that typical ‘Oil Tycoon’ by 

  • Mastering the Basics
  • Portraying enthusiasm towards the discipline; and
  • Persistently being determined perceived through Experience, Leadership, Knowledge and Business mindset

Thanks to Mr. Jumah Alli Oluwafuyi, a representative of S.P.E Young Professionals (YP) for the tips above; Delivering his speech below:

Also present today was Dr. Okafor Emeka, a Petroleum Engineering Consultant in the Oil & Gas Industry:

More Images:

L-R Charles Uwakwe (Pres. Chem. Engrg.), Ifeamaka Udoka (Pres. Env. Engrg.), Jumah Alli (SPE YP), Chisom Okoye (Pres. SPE)

. . . . . And the lovely S.P.E, her Executives and Guest Speakers:



Now when I say “ALUTA!”, you say “WAKA!” ✋ ✋ ✋

Abeg no go tell lecturer ‘waka’ oh!  I no dey oh!”

Once again congratulations to all freshers of Petroleum Engineering. ‘Waka!’ to all of you reading this. 😉😋


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