Aluta Ads


Place Your Advert On Aluta Waka For FREE


*Step 1 – Send us a friend request or follow us up on any social media platform 1274287_656879047663187_1324282344_o-png= alutawaka  ,556087_383939848329509_1767106577_n= aluta_waka  ,  315664_367178366701347_1198881670_n= alutawaka .

*Step 2 – Post/Share our website or any post from ALUTA WAKA on your social media platform and write an inspirational quote to it.

*Step 3 – Tag or mention us to it

*Step 4 – Send us your Ad to AlutaWaka’s facebook page, with your ads write up, image(could be a web banner) and a link to a destination if any. include your social media handle name.

You all done. If you were able to complete all steps your product, business or service will be placed on ALUTA WAKA for Free. Awesome right



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