Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Now whose birthday is it?  Mr. Fela Durotoye also known as ‘The wise man’, ‘Mr Fantastic’.


Story short,  FD is a popular Author, Motivational Speaker and a Consultant in numerous fields.

You might be wondering “how come I don’t know this popular person?”, that’s because you know nobody. Haha! Anyways read more of him here.

Today marks a new year for him and all the way from University of Port Harcourt, some groupies are turning up already. Turning Up!? you decide ….

Among his numerous projects is EDEN: A Christian Lifestyle, Entertainment Ministry presently in 9 schools and still expanding.

Below are retrieved images, as students gathered together to mark the end of a long stressful semester. [University of Port Harcourt]


And again, Happy Birthday 🎉🎊🎁 Mr.Fela from us here at ALUTAWAKA 👋

“owo duro pẹlu oyè, jọwọ ranti awọn ọmọ rẹ”